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Sorbebe, selected as the first safety-friendly company in baby carrier/hip seat category.

YKBnC(CEO: Gangrim Yoon), a global children product manufacturer, was selected as a safety-friendly company for children products, for the first time as baby carrier/hip seat brand, in the Safety Practice Resolution Contest for children products hosted by KASTS, which was announced on 4th.

Selection of safety-friendly company for children products is done through reviews before issuing the selection certificate; it is for securing and promoting safety level to discover and support leader of the industry to promote creating safety management foundation as children product-related safety accidents increase every year. Sorbebe is the first to be selected as a company specialized in children products such as baby carrier and hip seat. The company has no record of safety issues in the past 3 years and received high scores in management, improvement and customer management, which are the basis for being chosen as a safety-friendly company.

Gangrim Yoon, chairman of YKBnC said, “it is meaningful because Sorbebe is the first children product manufacturer to receive the honor, as a safety-friendly company. We will continue our effort in managing and developing safe products to become a standard of the industry for consumers to buy safe children products.”

The event was held on 3rd, at the K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, managed by KPSA and hosted by KATS; in addition to the award ceremony for the safety-friendly company, children product-related companies, consumer groups and related organizations took part in the ceremony for children product safety resolution meeting, the ceremony for awarding safety education leading school, and the seminar on children product safety policies and technologies.

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